New ROI: Poland

Poland was included in SILEX image processing chain, producing daily datasets extracted from EUMETSAT Imagery. 22 Near Real Time EUMETSAT Datasets Radiances (Ch.01-11) Reflectances (Ch.01-03) Brightness Temperatures (Ch.04-11) Time Resolution :5 minutes (288 Images Processed by Day)  

new ROI: Hebei Province

Hebei is a province of China in the North China region. Beijing and Tianjin Municipalities, which border each other, were carved out of Hebei. The province borders Liaoning to the northeast, Inner Mongolia to the north,Shanxi to the west, Henan to the south, and Shandong to the southeast. Bohai Bay of the Yellow Sea is to the east.

Several agricultural regions of interest have been included in SILEX Clouds automatic processing chain. In this case, Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 imagery are automatically processed to monitor growth stages of wheat and corn fields, among others.


new ROI: Algeria

Algeria region of interest was included in SILEX Clouds automated processing chain of Dust Storm Monitoring and OpenStreetMap assessment. This service provides each 15 minutes the amount of km. affected by dust by OSM Highways road type.

new ROI: Arabian Peninsula

A new region of interest was inlcuded in the automatic processing chain.

The new SILEX Clouds datasets, offer the possibility to analyze :

  • amount of surface affected by dust by country,
  • number of hours of dust by main cities, and
  • correlation of dust features with Aeronet Stations.

This new ROI includes the next countries:

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