new ROI: Morocco

Morocco country was included in the automatic processing chain, including NRT Dust Monitoring Service from Eumetsat imagery.

An automatic dust impact assessment was included over Ouarzazate Solar Power Station.

Ouarzazate Solar Power Station (OSPS) – Phase 1, also referred to as Noor 1 CSP, has an installed capacity of 160MW. It was connected to the Moroccan power grid on 5 February 2016. It covers 450 hectares (1,112 acres) and is expected to deliver 370 GWh per year. <br></br>The plant is a parabolic trough type with a molten salt storage for 3 hours of low-light producing capacity. The cost of the project when it began operations was $3.9 billion. It uses half a million mirrors.

NOOR1_2016  NOOR1_2016_zoom  Solar_Array



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