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Silex Clouds S.R.L. is centered on the provision of valuable information derived from complex satellite image processing techniques and GIS procedures, in Near Real Time (NRT) and in interoperable formats, oriented to the monitoring of different earth phenomena and to speed up an impact assessment analysis.

We also develope scripts for the automation of image processing workflows. These automatic procedures guarantee an easy ingestion of EO information in end-users systems by IT specialists by simple API requests.
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Dust is the lesser acknowledged factor that significantly influences the performance of Photovoltaic installations. Few studies analyzed this effect and the consequent efficiency degradation.

SILEX Clouds Dust datasets uploaded to the end-user cloud space, gives the possibility to correlate Solar Parks performances with this phenomena in Real Time, with complete reports every 5 minutes.


Four main factors influence the soil reflectance in remote sensing images: mineral composition, soil moisture, organic matter content and soil texture. Size and shape of the soil aggregate also influence the reflectance in the images.

Soil datasets allow the discrimination between the moist and dry soils, and the analysis of trend thanks a continuos and automatic field monitoring .


Vegetation interacts with solar radiation in a different way than other natural materials. Different plant materials, water content, pigment, carbon content, nitrogen content, and other properties cause further variation across the vegetation spectrum.

Vegetation Datasets, put into evidence these variations giving the possibility to study their relationship to one another that can provide meaningful information about plant health, water content, environmental stress, and other important characteristics.

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Disasters Monitoring

As Project Managers for several CMES & Disasters Charter activations, we participated during last years developing added value maps that helped to evaluate and monitor the impact of different natural and antropogenic disasters.

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About silex clouds

Transformig Satellite Data into Information
Provision of Near Real Time Satellite Datasets in your personal Cloud Space

Silex Clouds S.R.L. is centered on the provision of valuable information derived from complex satellite image processing techniques and GIS procedures, in near real time (NRT) and in interoperable formats.

For a NRT approach, we process satellite images acquired by meteorological geostationary satellites (EUMETSAT, GOESS, etc.) and Sun-synchronous satellites (Landsat, Modis, Sentinel, etc,). The high time imagery resolution guarantee a continuous monitoring of the phenomenon.

The time and spatial resolution of the final products varies depending on the EO system capabilities. The final datasets are upload to a personal cloud space and distributed in NRT for the customer selected areas or points of interest in several interoperable formats. At the same time, a personal private dashboard is provided to the end-user to analyze the information with interactive charts.


European EO Product Award 2018

The EARSC competition   European EO Product of the Year   rewarded SILEX CLOUDS S.R.L. which has developed a product which will support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at national, regional and/or local levels, and the monitoring and reporting against the global indicator framework . EARSC represents the Earth Observation geo-informtion services companies in Europe. Today EARSC has 96 members coming from more than 22 countries in Europe, including both commercial operators of EO satellites, IT, downstream and value-adding companies.

Product description

DFMs provides an historical analysis of Dust storm occurrences for the last 12 years. The values represented in this product are based on a Dust Load Index (on the base of an historical/statistical analysis from the processing of thermal bands, evidencing an estimation of dust charge).
Area of Interest: MENA (Middle East and North Africa) extended region: Western Sahara, Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco, Mali, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, West Bank, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen

problem to solve

Daily PV energy losses along a year caused by dust deposition can be from 5% to 30%. As an unalterable environmental factor, the possibilities to manage the impact of this phenomenon are focused on: the identification of dust historical distribution, and the real time monitoring and forecasting. In this case, the Dust Frequency Maps present a clear value proposition offering the identification of the most favorable sites for the installation of new plants, as a guide to support investment decisions. Apart from its application to support PV soiling monitoring applications, Dust Frequency Maps can support logistics activities, or assist humanitarian institutions.

contribution to the SDGs

Silex Clouds S.R.L. highlights the need to facilitate access to information obtainable from satellite data. Despite the enormous amount of remote sensing data currently available, their use by end-users is still significantly reduced. It is therefore proposed to increase the efficiency of the processes for the generation of information obtained from satellite data, creating a service aimed at providing information in real time, facilitating the accessibility and ingestion of these products in end-users systems (i.e.: API requests), giving at the same time the possibility to differentiate services companies portfolios with innovative added value products.

Silex Clouds S.R.L. see several SDG as those related to Energy, Climate Change and Cities, as the challenges to which can contribute the most: Goal 7 (energy): helping to improve the efficiency in the management of the renewable energy infrastructures and best potential locations. Goal 13 (climate): helping to identify changing weather patterns and with the full DMS the real time monitoring of extreme dust storm events. Also giving support for erosion and soil degradation monitoring and impact on agriculture. Goal 11 (cities): helping to deal with challenges related to cities infrastructures and services, as transport systems. Providing support to improve road safety, identifying most impacted areas and its seasonality.

who makes it possible?

Silex Clouds is an innovative italian start-up promoted in 2017 by a group of researchers from the University of Rome related to Aerospace Engineering, Remote Sensing technologies and Geographic Information Systems management. Based on our experience, we offer a set of services related to the exploitation of Earth Observation (EO) satellites datasets.

a Team of Professionals

Research & Development professionals in differents fields of expertise, related to Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Management.

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The Copernicus Accelerator is a project of the European Commission’s DG Growth, and is part of the Copernicus Start-up Programme, which is designed to accompany start-ups from the generation of a business idea to its full commercialisation.

Space3ac program is a unique acceleration program that brings together large business and technological startups that provide them with innovative solutions.

end user

Solar Power Energy Managers, Air Quality Analysts, Soil Monitoring Researchers, Remote Sensing Analysts, Water Quality Managers

sand/dust storms: use cases

one application of SILEX Clouds Datasets

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